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Thread: Mike Wallce Sucks... Trade him.

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    I was also Fezz.
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    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    His hands are suspect.. breadbasket or its 50/50. He isn't worth 10 mill IMO.
    It's not only the hands that have bothered me about Wallace, it is the lack of toughness... runs out of bounds, drops to the ground to give himself up rather than trying to put his head down for that extra yard or two. He is easily brought down with an arm tackle.

    $10M/yr..... haaahhaaahaaa, REALLY?!?!..... let him walk if that's what he wants...

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    If Wallace is worth $11.5M, then Baron Batch must be worth $14M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiken View Post
    Since Brown has emerged Wallace's game has gone down hill. When he was the MAN he had a bit of swagger to his, now.. not so much..
    I have said all along that Mike Wallace's problem is he can't handle the internal competition and comparisons to Antonio Brown. His psyche is too weak. That is why I don't think he really wants to stay here no matter what PR BS he puts out. He wants to go where he is "the man" and he will never be "the man" on the same team as Antonio Brown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Between Wallace and Sanders last night, we had the full Limas Sweed experience (Wallace dropping passes and Sanders faking injury).
    sheesh, if anything it was BARON BATCH who was "HURT" after he messed up.. Now, THAT was SWEEDLIKE.. he started limping as soon as he missed the ball!!! hilarity..
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    When you drop passes like he and Batch did that usually means they are not practicing enough. They should double the amount of catching they do in practice!!

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    Drops don’t shake Roethlisberger’s confidence in Wallace
    Posted by Josh Alper on October 23, 2012, 10:00 AM EDT

    There are receivers around the NFL with reputations for not having the best hands.

    Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace isn’t one of them. He dropped a small number of passes in his first three seasons, helping him earn the trust of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the coaches in the process. It’s reasonable to wonder if that trust took a hit on Sunday night when Wallace dropped four passes against the Bengals.

    The answer, from Roethlisberger, is that the confidence remains high in a player he targeted 15 times during the game.

    “I don’t shy away from them even with drops,” Roethlisberger said, via Jamison Hensley of “I will always have confidence in them no matter what. These guys all hold themselves to a really high standard, and it just shows how valuable these guys are to our attack.:

    Wallace is on pace for the most receptions of his NFL career, although he’s also on pace for the lowest yards per catch. Both things are also true of Antonio Brown, which would seem to support Roethlisberger’s belief that the offense run by offensive coordinator Todd Haley is longer on dinking and dunking than it is on the big plays that were formerly a staple of the Pittsburgh attack.

    Should things continue this way, it will be interesting to see what impact it has on Wallace’s quest for a new long-term contract in Pittsburgh or somewhere else. We’d say the same about the drops except that we’re pretty sure that it won’t be a positive outcome for the wideout.

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    Most catches in his career and probably the most drops in his career. No way Wallace will see a contract this offseason if he keeps this up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelz09 View Post
    Most catches in his career and probably the most drops in his career. No way Wallace will see a contract this offseason if he keeps this up.
    Someone, maybe even the Steelers, will offer him a nice contract. It will probably be around what the Steelers already offered. However, I still think that Wallace wants to get away from the growing reputation and performance of Antonio Brown.

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    The Bengals showed why you want 2 good WRs. I like Antonio Brown, but he is no AJ Green, and Green was taken out of the game by the Steelers. Much harder to 2 when you have to worry about 2 WRs.

    I would like to see Wallace return (at a reasonable rate, of course) because of the balance he brings to the offense. Even with a few drops, you have to account for his speed. If a deal cannot be reached, the Steelers need to get value in return for Wallace. Otherwise, it would open a big hole that needs to get filled.


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