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Thread: Why can the offense NEVER be the unit to carry the team?

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    Why can the offense NEVER be the unit to carry the team?

    What is it about the Steelers, and Steelers Nation, that the defense is held accountable if they aren't a top defense every year? I hear quite often how the defense failed us because they failed to hold a lead. Or the defense is called out and bashed if our season outlook looks grim because they aren't this dominant unit carrying us. My question is, why can't the offense ever step up and be a top 5 offense and when they are not, why aren't they held just as accountable?

    We have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and possibly of all time. We have had Pro Bowl WR's, a Pro Bowl caliber TE. Ben is now on his 3rd coordinator with very similar results. On offense we are always ranked in the middle, or low end of the middle of the pack. Today's NFL is totally tilted in the favor of the offense yet with a top QB and one of the best groups of offensive skill players middle of the pack results is acceptable?

    In Tomlin's years as head coach we have only surpassed 30 points on offense 19 times in 85 regular season games. We are 18-1 in those games. The 1 loss being the Titans game. Time to put up a top 5 offense, the defenses back is tired from carrying the team for the last decade plus.

    If you want to say the OL, That is the ONLY weakness Tomlin inherited and here we are 6 years later.
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