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No it's not about patting myself on the back, it is about posters disagreeing just to disagree. Without watching the games they just argue just for the sake of arguing. I came to the conclusion by who was playing better and I find a article that agree.
I kinda agree, but I can see why we'd want to keep Hampton and Ike on the field.

Hampton is still creates a little bit of an issue for offenses because of his size/strength. He's a shell of his former self, but still a load to move or redirect. McClendon is more athletic, but I've seen him washed out of plays with 1 guy. No way can we live with a NT that only requires 1 blocker. I think a rotation can work with these 2 guys and I'm not sure what the play counts are, but I think we've been seeing more of McClendon than Hampton.

Ike's in his own head right now. He's capable of helping us out. He just needs to keep the WR in front of him and tackle. His role is to prevent the big play and I think he can still do that if he plays within his capability. I wonder if Mundy's his kryptonite? When Mundy's on the field, Ike seems to try to do too much rather than just play within the system.

Heyward is an unknown for me? I have no idea what we've got. But with the way our Dline is playing anything has to be better and we should see what we've got with this first round pick.