Before the Eagles game I decided to take a look at the Philadelphia papers to see what they were saying about the game. I almost never do this. We did win that game. That was the only game this season I did this.

Yesterday I got the idea to take a look at some Cincinnati papers to see how they were looking at this game.

In the Enquirer there was a very good article on Antonio Brown. There were also a couple articles on their injuries.

One article was about Collinsworth. It figured. He lives there but this is the 1st time he will be in the booth for one of their games. I really don't care for him for many reasons but the article was a good one and his analysis of the game made sense. He said:

These are two playoff teams (from a year ago) who need to show something and win this game,” Collinsworth said. “Take either side. You have the Bengals in a position after losing two in a row that if you marked up the schedule at the beginning of which ones they were going to win you would’ve marked Miami at home and Cleveland there. Coming off of those two now you are playing the Steelers but you are catching them at a time when they have a lot of people injured as well – a couple of offensive linemen dinged up, a couple running backs still hurting. If you are going to catch them this is one you would have to put down as a win.

“From the Steelers standpoint, they are 2-3 and haven’t won one on the road, they have injuries they are going to have to deal with but they are going to have to piece it together enough to get a win. Otherwise they are 2-4 and in a tough spot. In many ways this game is more interesting because they aren’t sitting there unbeaten or with one loss. It’s not an elimination game by any means but it’s a game of significance for both teams.”

In the A.Brown article he mentioned how much he learned from his college coach Butch Jones, who is now the Cincinnati Bearcats coach.

The article used the word "dangerous" in describing AB. This I liked. When AB was first being noticed here and almost every fan was excited by him I remember posting that it would not be long before he would become one of the most "dangerous" receivers in the NFL.

Their injury list was not real bad. But one player who will probably be out is Brian Leonard. Very doubtful he will play. He has been a solid player for them against us in the past and it will not help Cinci if he does not play. I won't miss him either.

To tell the truth there did not seem to be a heck of lot of interest in this game. One paper, the Cinci Herald only had one story and it was about the Reds. I could not access the rest of the sports if there was any. Another paper and this is the truth only had info and stories on their 1st 4 games. ??

I got the impression that they are not quite as fanatical about their team as the Pittsburgh fans are.