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Just cause you would lose in a fight with DL too, you resort to this

I have a hard time putting this all on DL given his track record of success and what I see from the players on the field. The whole DLine is getting redirected and controlled at the LOS. The LBs aren't getting any pressure or big plays. And Ike can't cover anyone. We're losing 1 on 1 battles all over the field. The lack of talent is very apparent.

I hold the players more accountable. And the drafting of the guys on the current roster.
And DL has no say in who is drafted for his "legendary" defense? You really that blinded by LeBeau hype to believe that someone of his reputation, supposedly "legendary" talent and experience has no influence in the draft room and poor Coach LeBeau is just a victim of circumstances and all those who are doing him wrong by taking the wrong players? WOW!!!!

If anything you are making a case that the players have carried him and with the players gone he has been exposed. Is that what you are really saying but not wanting to say?