I think you misunderstand me Flippy. I am liberal in the way I approach Scriptural interpretation. There is symbolism in nearly every verse...from how many stones David picked up, to why Goliaths armor was made of bronze. Revelations I believe is all symbolism. Of course I don't believe it has anything to do with end times. Imo, It's a beautiful symbolic picture of how Christ conquers darkness in each believers life. Who sets themselves up on the throne of our hearts and calls the self God? We do. And when we do we are the Anti-Christ because we are saying we can run things better than God. But in the life of the believer, Gods judgments burn those deceptions out of us.

My only point is when we want to take real people, who did real things and say they are merely symbols. That is what I was directly speaking about. Jesus Christ is not a work of fiction or mere symbolism.