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you have things so twisted that you can't even follow what I'm saying.

That man you wrote about is not one with Jesus. Saying the words over and over doesn't magically make it so. You can rail all you want about Christians and how awful they are, but it appears that you fail to be able to separate those in Christ's kingdom from those who call themselves Christians. In fact, those folks have it just as twisted as you do, but the only difference is that you use it to find reasons to hate and they use it to find reasons to be liked.
OK, fine, so where do you draw the line from "man not one with Jesus" to "a sinner who is still one with Jesus?" You tell me where the line gets drawn. What if he did half the transgressions half as often? Would he qualify as one with Jesus then? What if he did 1/4 the amount of "sinning?" Would he be one with Jesus then? Shawn says he deals with addicts. At what point do they stop being addicts and start being Christian? What if a crack addict believes in Jesus but can't stop going back to smoking crack? What if that crack head says he does believe in Jesus but can't get off crack? Now, next you are going to tell me this is why we can't judge; the thing about the plank in your eye, etc., but clearly this is not the case. I have seen many Christians judge when they feel others are not Christian. It's circular logic. There is many people with such deep character flaws/bad mental wiring that no matter how much they try to "believe" in Jesus, they will still do horrible things, like pedophiles, rapists, etc.