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Logically, the odds are stacked against the Jesus story being real. But even if it's just a fairy tale, it still has some value.

The Jesus story could be the one fairy tale it's generally acceptable to believe in when we are adults. And by believing in that story it allows people to hold onto their childhood innocence and be generally accepted in doing so in society. And without it, people couldn't maintain hope/innocence.

I've often wondered if the need to believe is driven by ego and fear of the unknown. And I realized the need to disprove is driven by the same ego and fear.

Gotta say it's such an interesting topic. People are willing to die for something that has close to 0 odds of being true.

On the flip side, why bother peeing in another man's wheaties? We all are the same and seeking the same stuff even when we are looking for polar opposites. We are what we hate, right? Sometimes I also wonder if the Christians are the most anti-Christian and the non Christians are those of true faith?

At the end of the day, almost everything in the world is upside down. Jesus taught that too btw.
Actually, Flippy, I find the teachings of Christ to be amazing and spot on. It's just that so many who need to pronounce that they are into Jesus, they are often the ones who break far away from those teachings. Not everyone, of course, but a lot. So, when they mentally point the dirty end of the stick at others, for not going to church, they are doing things like supporting wars, where millions of innocents die, for the profit of the most vile and evil, at the expense of the poor (on both sides, who is fighting these wars for the US, rich people?). Or, how about the politicians who wear Jesus on their chest and then get busted for all the same stuff they condemn (gay acts, drugs, stealing), and then they just bluster and cry and say they are sorry and back on team Jesus? It's disgusting.