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    An 11-5 record this season could get the top seed in the AFC. There are going to be a whole lot of tie breakers this year if this continues. Best thing we can do is to take care of business in the AFC North starting Sunday night.

    Totally agree. The AFC looks very mediocre this year.

    Also, this is our 4th game out of 6 on the road. In the final 10 games we'll have 6 at home. We need a win this Sunday. If we win and the Ravens lose to Houston (very well may happen), we would be only 1 game behind them in the loss column. They've had 4 of their 6 games at home, so in their final 10 games they will have 6 on the road. They have looked terrible the last couple weeks and could/should have lost. With Webb and Lewis done, I think they'll look even worse on defense.
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    It's so early in the year, I don't think there is any reason to press the panic button. It would be nice to see the team put together a couple of games in a row that can start to build some momentum. There really isn't a team that I see pulling away in the AFC this year except maybe Houston. Baltimore is good but let's be honest, with the health concerns they have on the defensive side of the ball I don't see them running away with anything. Remember the Steelers still have 6 division games to go and games against KC, WASH, SD @ home in December. They can still get to 10-11 wins and that would secure a good spot in the playoffs this year in the AFC.
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