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    More Sobering Info

    Came across some interesting info. The question asked "When an NFL team starts the season with a given record, what winning percentage do they tend to end the season with?":

    Won't publish everything but for teams starting at 2-3, the final wins distributed as follows:
    15% of teams finished with 6 wins
    17% of teams finished with 7 or 8 wins

    and <10% of teams finished with more than 9 wins!

    If the Steelers can manage to eek out a win in Cinci to start 3-3, then things may be a little more promising:

    18% of teams ended with 8 wins
    17% of teams ended with 9 wins

    and 17% of teams ended with 10 wins!!

    On the other hand, if the Steelers drop the game to the Bengals and start 2-4, the picture is bleak:
    95% of teams failed to get 10 or more wins with that starting record.

    If we assume 10 wins gets a team into the playoffs, this weekend's game could decide the post-season.

    (but yes, they still need to play all of them.....)
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