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    There are only 2 teams above .500 in the AFC. If we made the kick last game and didn't give up a play or two in our other losses we are easily sitting at 4-1. This isn't as much about the Steelers as it is about the league and the rules that are creating parity and a lack of defense overall. There is no dominant team anymore. The team that will win the Super Bowl will be the team that peaks in the final 3rd of the season and through the playoffs. Our offense is coming together, and if we get the defense a little healithier and get some pressure on the QB we could very easily be that team....or we could miss the playoffs. Welcome to the new NFL, which is a passing league with limited defense where 70 percent of the time the team that has the ball last wins. 7 of the games last week came down to either the final drive or overtime. Our team is really no different than our team in years past aside from our offense being able to sustain drives better and Ben playing better, the thing that has changed is the rules and the way they have taken big hits out of the game, which opens up the middle and the crossing patterns because no one is afraid to get there head taken off. If you can't touch a receiver before the pass, and you can't hit him hard after he catches the ball every offense has the ability to drive the ball through the passing game on every defense.

    On a side note, the new key is to get to the QB before he can pass. For us to be successful we have to give up on the idea of prevent and keeping the play in front of us after the catch, and attack the QB before he can get the pass off. I think LeBeau will realize this eventually and adjust accordingly.
    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. The reality is that we are 2-3 not 4-1. We are two games behind the leader of our Division. The season is far from over, but we have put ourselves in the hole with some of our tougher competition still ahead on the schedule. There are three or more real potential losses on the schedule so we have very little margin for error.

    The concern is that we keep getting beat the same way giving up scores after we score and scores late in games. Until we fix that I think it is understandable that the natives are restless. Sorry, but I don't think LeBeau will realize it and adjust because we have seen the same symptoms of the same problem for the past couple of seasons.
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