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I'm not surprised some people hate Tomlin... most coaches, like QB's, are loved or hated.

However, it's clear that a few people will never like him.. they ripped his decision to go for 2 vs the Jags... nothing wrong with that, but ripping him 3 years later over it?

Tomlin gets zero credit because Cowher "built his team" but if Whiz or Grimm were hired I bet they would get a pass because they were on the team already. I find it crazy to ho hum getting back to 2 SB's with Tomlin because it was hard as hell to get to a SB with Cowher and if not for Ben's tackle we probably wouldn't have made it in 2005. On top of that... we struggled to beat a mediocre Seattle team IMO.

I loved Cowher but the expectations for Tomlin are unreal IMO.
That's an unfair generalization. I like certain things Tomlin has done. I wasn't in favor of Grimm and I wasn't quit sure about Whiz. I was a harsh critic of Arians and I'm harsh on Tomlin for certain things but I give him credit for others. For example, the Steelers have done well developing skill positions on offense. They haven't done so on defense.