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Thread: Only 3 Teams

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    Those teams are strong and really determined to get the AFC.

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    Not a lost season ... yet

    posted by Dale Lolley
    TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

    Fans tend to focus on only their own team - hence the term fans.

    But those writing the Steelers off aren't looking around at the rest of the AFC right now.

    Who's any good in the AFC? Seriously?

    Houston, the supposed best team, just got spanked at home by what was a struggling Green Bay team.

    Baltimore? The Ravens have been fortunate to win their last two games. I know, good teams find ways to win, but Kansas City fumbled five times last week - including once at the Baltimore 1, and Dallas really outplayed the Ravens Sunday.

    The defense has given up more than 400 yards rushing the past two weeks and just lost its middle linebacker and top corner for the season.

    New England? Stuck with a group of seven other AFC teams at 3-3.

    Cincinnati? The Bengals have lost to the Dolphins - at home - and Browns - on the road - in the past two weeks. Nobody is going to confuse the Dolphins and Browns for good teams.

    Fact is, every team in the AFC has its flaws at this point.

    Do the Steelers have some as well? Certainly.

    But we tend to forget that they are still learning this offense, whether they admit it or not.

    And the defense isn't nearly as good as it has been in recent years. But it might be good enough if the offense stops kicking field goals and starts scoring more touchdowns.

    Look at it this way, if the Steelers score one more touchdown per game, rather than kick a field goal, they are 4-1 right now rather than 2-3.

    That's a play here or there. It's that close.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    3 Teams have less than 3 losses in the AFC. (Balt, Hou, and SD)

    I know we're playing horrible, but we're in control of our destiny. It's like a game where we're getting slaughtered on the field, but at half time we go in the locker room down less than a TD.

    Yeah, we suck. But we're not in a bad position fortunately. There's time to turn this around.
    uhhh.. flippy? unfortunately 3 teams have gone into the locker room after getting beat down by us and then realized they were still in the game.


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