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In three games against the Steelers, AJ Green has 7 catches for 123 yds and 2 TDs. Ike is the CB in coverage on a majority of plays. Dalton has been targeting Green on 46% of pass plays (all games). I understand Ike got plenty of help, but Ike was only targeted 3 times in the game allowing one completion for a TD. The rest of the game
Lewis, Allen and Brown were targeted 11 times and allowed a total of 6 pass completions away from Green.

Ike is and remains the Steelers best option against the other team's best.
Ike HAD PLENTY OF HELP.... of course he plays well when a team has 1 good WR.

My frustration with Ike is the beeyotching and moaning. He is too concerned with the media and easily talked out of his game. Why aren't we a family? Is Ike sharing his money with the rest of the DB's? I doubt it...

..and honestly, I'm more impressed by Lewis right now.