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Not trying to be rude but you need to shut up. You aren't making any sense as at all.. you ask for a list and now you want highlights? What next, sound effects?

Ike isn't starting on half the teams in the NFL. He can run fast but he is horrible in coverage and THE WORST ball hawk in the NFL. He is top 25... he was top 10 when JH, Troy and Woodley were getting tons of pressure...

The NY Giants secondary goes from worst to top 10 when their front 4 are healthy.
Shut up? How rude. Why didnt I supply highlights? Isnt it only fair? Anyone could submit a list. I want to know WHY someone is better. If you cant supply that then be quiet. If he isnt starting on half the teams then list those teams and tell me why those cbs are better. Is that so hard?

Some of you debate just to debate and supply no substance to substantiate that debate. That wont fly with me so I get why you guys dont like me. Sniff Sniff