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Thread: Ike The Problem According to Cowher

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    IF you knew football
    please don't insult me like this again, I know and understand football just as well as you do.

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    No disrespect meant. I posted and have posted over and over again that we play zone. I even supplied footage to that fact. Having said that, and shown that, it should be obvious that he shadows the best receiver on the other team within the confines of our defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    No disrespect meant.
    then don't write disrespectful things like "if you knew football"....

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    Again, NO disrespect meant by me. If you took it that way then I cant do anything about that. I merely explained things on my end. Its clear that I have stated over and over that Ike plays zone and it hurts him (scheme). Revis would also be handcuffed in that scheme. Asante Samuel would excell as stated before

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    You cant comprehend the responsibilities in a zone and that is your problem. With all due respect
    Clearly I explained the responsibilities to you. Don't redirect. Prove me wrong.

    Here is what I said:

    "Zone coverages do not relieve individual responsibiliy within the zone...especially for corners. Teams can and will flood areas of zone coverages to create mismatches of time and space. That's not happening. At least not regularly to Ike. Again......been a fan of Ike's for years. His current play can't be defended. Can't be."

    We can trade useless diatribe all day....all night. Just like you do with every other person here. What's the point. Try something different. Again...don't redirect. Stick to my quote and prove me wrong. I'm truly interested as to where I'm mistaken. Let's have a football discussion.....let's hear it.
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    You mean CLEARLY I explained them to you. You're wrong. NO INDIVIDUAL gets beat in a zone unless his is out of position. If you are in a zone the zone gets beat not the man. How is this too hard for you to grasp. Does it destroy your ability to blame Ike? Sorry. Ike isnt the best but he certainly isnt the worse. Put Ben Roethlisberger in a wishbone and make him run the option and you wont see him having much success due to the SCHEME. Simarily, Troy Aikman when he was at Oklahoma. He got beat out by Jamel Holloway. Why? The SCHEME suited Holloway better than Aikman. Aikman transfer to UCLA to a SCHEME that best suits his skill set and now he is the #1 pick.

    This is just one example how a particular scheme hurts a player. Lastly, the Jets current SCHEME doesnt fit Tebow either. To best suit him you need to change the SCHEME. Understand?

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    Yes, I understand....that you don't know what a zone really is, or you just can't admit when you are wrong. A defensive zone to a CB actually helps him. A zone is designed schematically to aid a CB if he's mismatched. Ike, being the #1 CB usually has more of an individual responsiblity, within the zone, than the other CB's. A responsibility he's earned. If a potential WR leaves his coverage ara, then he isn't responsible for that player.

    Bottome line is that a CB CAN and WILL still get stuck in a man to man situation with a WR that enters his area. This isn't a debatable point. Regarding certain routes, there are simply times when the safety isn't going to be there to help. Again....Ike has earned this, and even if it's by error he has done well over the years handling this duty. Lately....he has not, and Thursday he looked horrible.

    Again....nice try with the redirect. They don't work out for you like you think.

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    Incorrect a zone is used to aid someone who LACKS man to man coverage. You play zone to hide flaws. Ike doesnt have more responsibility (i.e covers a man). The only one in the zone allowed any freelance ability is #43. In a zone you are taught to play the ball and not the man. Particularly in Lebeaus scheme you are taught to keep the ball in front of you. Just becaue the saftey might not be there to help doesnt mean its man. For examle, In a cover 3 the corner has deep third responsibility, the FS will have deep middle and the other corner the other third (deep). The SS is up in Run support. The corners responsibility in this zone is not to get beat deep (his 3rd). If the pass is a 15 yard out, is Ike Beat on the play? No! the zone is

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    Never said ike freelances and never said it was man coverage. A #1 CB is going to have more situations where he has no help within a zone on certain several Thursday night. He did poorly where he has done very well before. I think that's the point you are missing.

    I think you are involved in so many discussion/arguments you lose track of the details.

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    Come up with any situation you want. If a potential receiver comes in Ike's coverage area and Ike grabs his shoulder pads and hangs on for dear life?.....then yes! It's his fault!


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