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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 6 @ Titans

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    Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 6 @ Titans

    1. And now, a gif replay of Thursday's Steelers-Titans game:

    2. I don’t mind the Steelers losing during day games but dang it … do NOT keep me up late at night to watch them lose. Cranky.

    4. This is how I picture Mike Tomlin’s press conference:

    8. This team needs to prove me wrong. I pray they make me eat every negative word I’ve said about them. I dare them to do so. But in the meantime …

    9. One of the guys that works for me came into my office on a bleary-eyed Friday morning last week and said “I have good news”. My answer: “What? Did the rest of the Steelers team die in a plane crash on the way home last night?”

    10. Is it true that a team is never as bad as it looks in a loss nor as good as they look in a win? Almost certainly. And the reason for that is parity. If I am right about that then logically there is not much of a gap between the teams that are winning and the teams that are losing. It looks like the Steelers rank 22 out of 32 right now. Just under the likes of the Dolphins and the Jets.

    11. Of course there was some great effort in this game. Redman displayed flashes of brilliance as did Heath Miller.

    12. But as Steelers fans we lose all credibility by clinging to the flashes of brilliance as this team’s season slips beneath the surface not unlike a certain notorious ocean liner some years ago.

    No not that one …

    13. So we are forced to endure another Steeler-less Sunday …. Well, either that or we are blessed with it. Lacking anything else to do I will likely tune in and watch the teams that have beaten this Steelers team in weeks past look like absolute crap against every other NFL team.

    14. I know what you're thinking .. "come one redundantman, tell us how you FEEL about this Titan's game"?
    See, I am Lloyd Christmas and the parakeet is the Steelers this year:

    15. Ike Taylor has the whole "drawing penalties" thing down-pat. Somebody needs to tell him that he doesn't need to work on that anymore.

    16. Perspective: This team has aged and the window isn’t closing. It has closed. They will play out this season. They might even make the playoffs. But they are only an injured-reserve shell of their glory days. It is a crying shame that in Ben’s prime years this team will be in rebuilding mode.
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