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    What you have described is a smart offensive scheme. Its a numbers game and a smart OC will spread the Steelers out to get them out of their base 3-4 defense. They make Lebeau get out of base and go Nickel. If there is a wr in the slot (spread), then Harrsions duties change from rushing to pass defense.

    Now lets say Harrison disregarded his duties and rushed instead of playing the slot. What happens? The Qb hits the slot all day as Harrison rushes. If Harrison doesnt rush and honors the slot then it gives the quarterback more time to pass. Again, smart offensive scheme. This scheme was exposed under Cowher/Lebeau when Gannon was the qb at Oakland. They passed like 40 straight times on us (Porter was in Harrisons spot)
    it is a smart offensive scheme because LeBeau has become predictable in how he responds to certain offensive formations. obviously, there has to be a better way to defend that particular play because no way should Harrison be expected to cover that TE running across the field.

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    He wasnt covering him. In the zone, the principle is if a man crosses your face, run with him. Thats what harrison was doing. Lebeau dosent adjust to game situations. He sticks to the same blueprint and I agree it is predictable.


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