Cook: Mendenhall's lack of common sense can't cloud team's poor play:

Mendenhall will say he wasn't calling out all Steelers fans, just those who were critical of him, the team or both after the Tennessee game. That doesn't matter. A professional athlete never wins when he takes on the fans.

Steelers fans are more supportive of their team than any fan base in sports. Many paid big money to get to and into LP Field in Nashville. The place was nearly half-filled with Terrible Towels.

There was very little to like about the Steelers effort against the Titans. The team lost to an inferior opponent, which is becoming a sad trend this season. Fans at the game and those watching on television had every right to be disgusted. They also have every right to be critical if they feel it's warranted. That hardly makes them bad, unsupportive fans. It just makes 'em caring, passionate fans.

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