Despite what I assume was a heroic effort by the coaching staff, he remains a 1-trick pony - awesome at taking the top off.

But IMO there are an awful lot of negatives, and I don't just mean the unreliability of his hands (an example, though not the only one, was the drop last night just before the TD catch).

For example, I noticed last night that he let the team down BADLY in the flat at least twice - asked to block someone so a screen or a RB can get by, and failing miserably. THEN, he walks away with the body English of "I don't give a F--'". Doesn't turn back to look at the play, doesn't help his pancaked team mate off the ground.

Also - Wolfley on the radio last night said his body English actually HURT the Steelers on two plays. He was supposed to line up wide as a decoy, but his mopey body English made it clear he wasn't expecting to get the ball, so the LBs keyed in on the middle of the field and broke up a pass once and stopped a run real short once.

As you can tell by the way I'm writing this, I have serious doubts about Wallace's value, especially in this time of $$ needed to fill other positions of need (OL, DB, NT ... LB?).

Do you guys disagree, or maybe not?