Judging by the games, particularly on Defense I think that the talk of Spence cracking the starting line up in his rookie year was more fire than smoke. His skill set was speed, diagnosing and attacking quickly.. Yes he was smallish and yes he was a rookie but he was a missile, fast and a sure tackler..
with the way the season is unfolding this Defense is not going to be much of a factor. We see Foot being a weak link in pass coverage yet they SAY Foot is playing great.. Yesterday I saw JH in coverage, I would have rather seen him after the passer and Spence in coverage.. yesterday I saw Timmons more in coverage (because of his speed) but with Spence and his speed, i feel that would have freed up Timmons to get after the passer..
I think the team knew what they had in Foot and knew what they could get out of Spence.. Foot is in there for what he can do against the run - but the run defense is not Steeler like and EVERY QB (not named Sanchez or wearing a Browns Jersey) in the LEAGUE can look like an Allworld qb against us.. I think Spence would have allowed us more blitzing freedoms which would have made us a much better offense.