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Thread: Calling all D-line gurus

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Of the teams currently ranked in the top 5 in overall team defense, only one of them (Seattle) runs a 4-3 defense. The other 4 (San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, and Pittsburgh...yes, doom-and-gloomers...we are ranked 5th at the present time) all run a 3-4 defense.
    Furthermore, if you looked at a pre-snap photo of the Seattle defense, their front looks a lot like a 3-4...

    With their stand-up "Elephant" DE on the weak side and the Strong Side LB really close to the LoS, you would be hard pressed to make a distinction...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    It's not superior; it can be - all depends on if you have the right players. But I will say this: with the 4-3 you can draft players who already play the position you need them for, not having to retrain so many players - that's what sucks about the 3-4. Also, you must find a stud NT or the whole thing fails, and we are beginning to see that with Hampton out of his prime. Once you lose a true 3-4 NT, the whole thing collapses.
    Thank you. That has been my point all along. It is a issue about replenishing the talent and getting them in the field faster contributing. Not who who is standing up and who is in a three point stance. There is too much risk in sustaining the 3-4 which is why you have to keep the veterans you guessed right on that you can convert for so long which is where we are now.


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