Like most people, I spend most my time watching where the ball goes when I watch a game. I try to notice other elements of play, but I sill tend to just follow the ball, as most do. But I know some focus a bit more on seeing how the D-line is playing, and I wanted to know, from those who pay more attention to that element, if our DE's are playing well, particularly Hood and Heyward. I was looking forward to both of those guys really stepping up their play this season, with Hood, because he has become a work out animal and transformed his body, and Heyward, because usually a good player makes a big jump from rookie to 2nd year. It is especially hard to notice if they are playing well, because in our system, good DL play isn't usually predicated on sacks, etc, making it tougher to determine if they are playing well.

So, what is the verdict? Are Hood and Heyward living up to their first-round pedigrees?