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Thread: Will Ta'amu ever get it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    This year, both the Steelers and the Titans pass on 1st down more than 69% of the time...
    Have you seen what Chris Johnson, Jonathan Dwyer, and Isaac Redman have been doing during the first month of the season? If your run game was getting you 2 or 3 yards per carry, then you'd be passing twice as much as you run too.

    Difference maker in the middle needed to replace Shazier.

    Offer picks 1.28 & 3.92 plus WR Martavis Bryant to ARZ for pick 1.15. They only have 5 draft picks now, plus their WR's are undersized (John Brown & J.J. Nelson both 5'10") or old (Larry Fitzgerald 35 y.o.).

    Gets us ahead of BAL at 1.16, who's looking to replace the retired ILB Zach Orr.

    1.15 Georgia ILB Roquan Smith 6'0" 225
    2.60 Stanford FS Justin Reid 6'1" 204

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Yes, I have been wanting to "blow it up." But think about why I say it. The model we use is unsustainable. It is too hard and too risky to replenish the talent base we need to maintain a high level of performance given that, unlike 10 years ago, so many other teams are dipping into the same talent pool we fished with almost exclusivity.

    Then when you add on the time it takes to convert players and train them to do unique things I just don't think we can sustain the system. That is why we have a large number of defensive players over 30 years old in our front 7 and the integration of youth is not going smoothly thereby resulting in very little depth.

    You avoid a number of these problems by drafting players to play the positions they have always played and that they already know. My opinion on that won't change as I'm sure yours won't.
    Just once, I'd like to see this speculation supported. The 4-3 defense is expensive. DEs are paid more than 4-3 OLBs. Fact. If you recall a few years ago, Suggs was campaigning to be considered a DE for franchise tag purposes. Look at the bust rate of first round defensive lineman. It is very high. Look how many DEs or DTs don't develop for 2-3 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Except teams are passing as much if not more than running on early downs.
    Yeah, having a run focused offense has been terrible for the 49ers and Texans. That Ray Rice guy in the division? Not at all important to the Ravens. Seattle with that Lynch guy? They must be relying entirely on that rookie qb they have.

    Even NE with Brady and company have been running a lot more this year. Manning loves to run in the red zone. Bottom line in the NFL is that you need to be able to stop the run.

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    Maybe Ta'amu will never get it if he never gets a chance to get on the field.

    Seriously, a lot of these guys really begin to develop when they finally get to start playing. Of course, they're going to make a few mistakes as they learn...but this might be the perfect year to get them started.

    Bench Casey, Keisel and Ike. More McLendon, Ta'amu, Heyward, Cortez Allen, and Brown. I'd like to see Golden worked into the rotation at safety. I only see Sylvester on STs...why not rotate him in for Foote at times? It's not like Foote is going to be here a lot longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Isn't that what we train our DL to do, occupy blockers????? Why go after the QB?
    Actually, not true. If you can occupy two blockers while going after the QB, I would bet that the Steelers would like to see you in camp. What they ask is the DL to stay in their lane while getting the push to the QB. The DL's biggest problem has already been discussed ad nauseum. They are not staying in their lanes but are getting pushed all over the field and backwards.

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    Guess I am beginning to get the answer to this question. What a puking tard. He is likely going to be cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob View Post
    Guess I am beginning to get the answer to this question. What a puking tard. He is likely going to be cut.
    Imagine how much time he will have to study Bad Word LeBeau's play book now!
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