1. My pregame prediction: Harrison will be re-injured by the second quarter and Polamalu will finish the game without making an impact because he will injury himself in the first quarter and not come off the field. Replace Harrison with Woodley and all of a sudden I look like I know what I am talking about. And come on ... how often does that happen … amiright?

2. I watched some of the pregame shows and I noticed something …

3. Besides Ray Lewis is there any single NFL player that the sports commentators will never speak against other than Mike Vick? Both people display a notable lack of respect for life: one human the other canine but the sports commentators still line up to kiss their butts.

4. Going into this game it seemed fairly obvious that the Eagles had been getting lucky and playing way above their heads. That water was much more likely to find its level than it was to keep rising but I have to admit that the ending of this game did start to make me wonder.

5. Actually that wasn’t the first time I started wondering. What the heck was going on with this team in the first quarter? And who was that group of impostors that took over in the second quarter?

6. The tools on the Fox Pregame Show were mentioning the “rivalry” between the Steelers and the Eagles and I was all like:

7. And who the hell was that wearing Timmons jersey out there? Does the presence of James Harrison mean that much to him?

8. Haley likes those delayed handoffs, doesn’t he?

9. This offense commits too many penalties. I think they should work on committing fewer penalties.

And no, that is not a euphemism.

10. I heard Ben call “Black 20” on quite a few plays. In the spirit of political correctness he should change that particular call to either “African-American 20” or “successful and attractive person 20”.

11. Ok, 2nd half kick-off, what the heck was Rainey looking at? Fortunately for him he redeemed himself with a 40 yard return on a kickoff later.

12. Was it just me or were the receivers getting mugged on every play? Typically the referee’s disdain for protecting the Steelers players is just confined to ignoring transgressions against Ben.

Typically in favor of other QBs …

13. The Steelers are drawing a lot of personal fouls … of course, they were drawing a lot of everything weren’t they?

14. And of course in the fourth quarter the Steelers defense gave up another “longest drive of the season” for a TD complete with not one but two fourth down conversions.

15. And then it was the offense’s turn. The offense had to respond. The offense that was so awful in the first quarter but that had settled down and performed so well for over two quarters. They had to step in and respond to the Eagles scoring drive. So they take the field, down by one point, aaaaannnnnd … of course the penalty flags start flying!

16. “Ben to Brown to convert 3rd down”. There’s a song in there somewhere …

17. Props to Sanders! That was a monster 3rd down catch with 2 minutes left. It was a high ball and did not look like an easy adjustment or an easy catch.

18. Perspective: Thoughts 1 and 2, I can’t get away from them. This team lacks swagger, discipline, consistency and health. Rooting for this team might lead even the stoutest among us to despair and take overly desperate measures.

However, the things to keep in mind:
a. The Steelers remain undefeated within their division.
b. The Steelers have a 2-2 record with a defense that is playing at about 75% at the most.
c. The inconsistency might be seen as the flashes of brilliance to come when the offense finally starts clicking under Haley’s system.
d. The Steelers are clearly not in any danger of peeking early.
e. When they start losing to the Titans you can always flip over to the Vice Presidential debate and be reminded that there are much more important things that we could be worrying about rather than which set of laundry will be hoisting a silver trophy in 4 months.