Did he have just 1, or was it two, bad shotgun snaps? Maybe he was thinking of something else at the time??!!!

I have the impression ever since he hurt his foot he's been playing like a different guy than All-Pro like he did his first year, almost like he's just not that focused as he used to be. If it was trouble holding his blocks, or sweeping out that would be one thing, maybe his foot never healed right. But bad snaps?

Come to think of it, it feels to me like Tomlin needs to whoop some butarski in a few areas. Sanders with his "look at me, I can catch!" Holmes-like antics after every catch. #17 with his "Is it OK if I kind of take this play off, guys?" alligator-arms performances. Willie "Will he ... draw just 3 ... or 4! holding calls" Colon (though maybe it's not right to pick on him, it might be lack of skill rather than a bad attitude, can't really get down on a guy for that).

And why the ***%#$$*^&* can't Mendenhall at least switch the ball to the side away from the runner?? Did he not have enough time to think about that while he was rehabbing? If we lose a game because he fumbles, which is pretty likely as I see it this year, if he doesn't change, it could be the difference between the post-season and not. I never played more than sandlot ball, but I made sure I switched the ball to the side opposite the tackler - so he can't because ...???

Maybe I'm just grasping at straws, looking for any excuse for not dominating except that the truth is probably that we're in a season of transition. But if that's the case, this is THE year that people have to pull together. If they all could be fighters like Ben and AB and Heath, etc., it could be all the difference in the world.


Pollyana - not!