I couldn't believe Clark admitted that when Troy gets hurt, the entire mental state of the defense is in shambles. If this is the case, then it's time to move on. Plus, what is Troy scheduled to make next year? If
he can't stay healthy, then don't drag the entire future of the team down. I am so sick of it. Look at McClendon as an example: Not high profile at all. He was an undrafted free agent out of Troy, for cripes sake. And yet, as we see, when you allow players to develop - and don't just hold on to vets playing time for too long - you will replenish the players. But you don't do that when holding on too long to over 30 vets who can't stay healthy; you have to move on. McClendon is obvious much more of a force than Hampton; but we would never know that if they endlessly held onto just playing CH. Time to move on from TP. Time to move to replace Foote. Time to shake the trees and find better CBs than we have. I am not saying so much this season, but certainly after it. Also, Worild showed he might be worth getting on the field more. I am just so sick of the "Steeler way" of not letting young players on the field and seeing what they can do. DL is so over the top with his "vets play only" BS. It's holding the team's development back, big time. Look at all the $ and time wasted on Aaron Smith, for cripe's sake. That is an example of futility. Get disciplined or get lost. Or should we see if we can add Kirkland, Chad Scott, Steed, Gildon, etc. to the roster while we are at it?

Fact is, Clark admitted when Troy gets hurt, the mindset of the D gets depressed. That's great. Let's get more of that going.