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Thread: Question on Mendy

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpmpit View Post
    Haha!! I'll tell her!!

    Molon labe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Tiki Barber did much the same thing early in his career...he was known for fumbling...

    Coughlin coached him to hold it high and tight and it worked...
    Coughlin would never put up with "hoping" a player fixed holding the ball wrong. If said player didn't fix it, he'd be benched or cut. But I guess our coaches just make "suggestions" with things like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig View Post
    They need to show him the old Vince Lombardi clip where he was showing one of his fumbling type backs on how to carry the ball. Dang, Mendy fumbling the ball is like Lima Sweed not being able to catch the ball. Or would it be like, Mendy would just stand there not using his legs after Ben handed him the ball ? Either way, Mendy needs some coaching or reaming.
    Mendenhall has 827 career carries and 70 career receptions. Ya know how many fumbles he has?


    That's nearly 900 touches and 7 fumbles. Now stop beeyotchin'.


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