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Thread: Congrats to BA!

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    Congrats to BA!

    I was always critical of the job he did as our OC since the first season he took over. I tried to never be one of those guys who blindly called for his job, or couldn't give him credit for the things he did right, but I fully admit that I bashed him on a regular basis.

    As glad as I was to see him leave, I'm even more happy to see him get a win like he did today. Good for him.

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    yes, under very emotional circumstances. good for BA and a great game by Andrew Luck and the Colts...

    here's wishing Chuck Pagano a quick and full recovery!

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    Classy posts, guys. Yeah, congrats to BA for the win today.

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    This was a good one for the Colts as a franchise. Happy for them and BA.

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    I am glad for them, and glad it's against the Pack, and glad it's for someone else.
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    Great post. Yes, very happy for BA & the Colts. Prayers for Coach Pagano to get better soon.

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    BA always got more blame than he deserved here. He needed to move on for the team and for him. Glad he did well and I hope the Colts have a solid season going forward.

    BTW Luck is going to be great. Irsay made the right, tough decision. The Rooney's have similar decisions coming up on Troy, Harrison and Wallace. Sometimes you just have to make those hard ones that no one will like.


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