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Thread: Mike Wallace = No Heart

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    Quote Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
    Do you think maybe the Steelers know that Wallace has a tendency to not go all out or has major character issues
    Maybe that's why they didn't want to give him the big payday.
    Perhaps they noticed the lack of production in the 2nd half of last season in his contract year.
    They know the insides and outs of Wallace the person a lot better than we do.
    He's playing for a new contract and he should be going ALL OUT every game instead of sulking.
    Fortunately for him, Mr. Wallace knows that a lot of NFL owners are willing to throw down the big $$$$$ to guys that are underperforming.
    Steelers telling Mike, you want the big $$$$ than show us you are worth it by not taking games off.
    It is not that hard to understand that by Mike's body language that he has a lot of maturing to do.
    the Steelers were reportedly not pleased the second half of last season when Wallace slumped that he sulked on many occasions...

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    Obviously Mike's production/effort is confusing. Some posters feel both are the same while others see them as separate issues. My perspective regarding his EFFORT is a concern and my opinion is that if he feels he deserves a bigger payday from the FO, then he should be shoving a huge "I'll show you f*ckers" enema up the FO's proverbial poop-shute via stellar play and fantastic professionalism. Basically, just do your job and not give up on plays. As for other's assertions on the value he brings to our team, no one is refuting what he has done for us in his short career, he just needs to continue. As for the squawks about how he will fare elsewhereand we will end up missing his talents..... Just two words... Santonio Holmes.
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    Maybe Cam Newton and Mike Wallace can have a sulking party.

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    Cams not playing for a contract,Wallace is
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.


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