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Thread: Do Elite WRs Exist?

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    Do Elite WRs Exist?

    There's so many good WRs in the league. Does the elite tag even matter?

    You've got Marshall, Green, Fitz, White, Johnson, Smith, Welker, Wayne, Thomas, Wallace, Colston, etc.

    Not to mention the TEs that are glorified receivers like Gronk, Gonzo, Graham, Gates, Davis, etc.

    These guys grow on trees. They're a dime a dozen. Most teams are bound to stumble upon one of them. There's even guys with horrible QBs like Bowe and Stevie Johnson who would probably dominate with a good QB.

    At the end of the day, we're probably better off using our limited salary cap paying for the best QB and defenders we can get.

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    And OL.....

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    I think the Rooney's agree with you.

    We won a Super Bowl with Ben and the trio of Hines, Randel El and Cedric Wilson.

    We missed a lot of Super Bowls with Kordell, Graham, Maddox, Tomczak, Bubby, etc.. and some pretty good receivers in the mix.

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    its all about the qb, now more than ever. look how how many good wrs turn bad with a bad qb and vice versa.
    the same can be said with rbs.

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    "Elite WR"...They mostly exist in their own minds. See Mike Wallace.

    With the rules favoring the pasing game you don't need a Larry Fitzgerald on every team. You just need a couple good WRs and a good TE. It is more about the QB.
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