To keep the temptation to discuss religion in the sports section to a minimum...and to rebut ignorance I thought we could discuss it here. There is danger going to a site with motive in order to gain historical information...that includes atheist and Christian sites. On one side you have people who live lives of faith based upon rules, regulations, and traditions taught to them. Then you have others repulsed by said beliefs for varying reasons. There are very few true seekers...most people accept what is fed to them...what they want to hear...what they want to read...on both sides of these arguments.

First, I am a follower of Christ who believes the Bible to be inerrant...but only in the original languages. I believe the English translations to have serious and significant problems. There are a few of us who have challenged many church doctrines founded upon faulted translations. I say this so those reading this know where I'm coming from when I post this.

So, when I see someone list anything from religious makes me chuckle a bit. There is much information, most of it is propaganda. Their Horus Jesus chart is laughable and deceptive. Lets go through it...

RT states Horus conception was like Jesus...born of a virgin. Isis was married to Osiris. His birth happened when Isis collected the dismembered body parts of Osiris...and magically formed Horus...well except Osiris penis...she fashioned for him a golden Yup, sounds much like the story of Christ. Right out of the gate...we can see RT has an agenda and is being deceptive.

Second, only begotten son of Osiris? In order for this part of the story to have any real similarity...Mary would have had to collect the body parts of Joseph...and fashion Jesus together with them. God the creator is of course alive...Osiris is dead. Horus is basically a divine reincarnation of his dad with a golden penis. Once again very deceptive.

Comparing the name Isis-meri with Mary? Looks like someone is reaching.

comparing the foster dads names Seb and Joseph? Really? Someone would have to prove that one to me in the original languages.

Of royal descent? While Jesus can trace his lineage back to King David...his parents were just everyday common folk.

horus was born in a swamp...not witnessed by shepards...another lie of RT.

there was no star that announced Horus birth...nor angels that heralded his birth.

the Bible makes no mention of 3 wisemen...this is merely tradition.

i did find one similarity...Seth wanted to kill Horus...Herod wanted to kill Jesus...but Herod wasn't related to Jesus...Seth was Horus uncle.

ok I grow tired...I can go on and on with this if someone needs more help with this.

Moral of the story is be careful where you get your information.