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Thread: Politics: What would you do....

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    Politics: What would you do....

    If you could change one thing about our govt?

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    Give our legislators the freedom to vote their conscience. Right now, they have to vote for big business whether they want to or not (if they don't, they will lose the next election because their opponent will get $$$ to out-"campaign" them).

    How would that work? Public financing of all campaigns. I'm willling to lose the "free speech" argument here, because I think our country would be a much better place for it.

    That is all!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    That big business that they vote for is funded by them anyway.

    I would make myself dictator for about 10-20 years and clean this mess up without the congress in my way.

    Serious answer - Shrink the govt to a mere fraction of it's size thereby cutting most entitlements and lifetime pensions for retired crooks.
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    I would remove all concepts of a "party". There will be no more parties.

    Everyone will vote strictly on the topic at hand with zero associations or concept of parties.

    To me, it's sad that people (especially Congress) will vote based on what party they are rather than the topic/idea at hand.

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    All good ideas wish it would work

    Molon labe

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    Honestly, I think this country needs an established third party. Something to tip the scales at times when it's needed.


    I would put EVERY single president in jail who waged war ILLEGALLY. Bush, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Nixon, and etc. That would be something that would be strictly enforced. No more illegal wars. And I would tell the federal reserve to f'off.

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    Make all gov't jobs volunteer jobs with no pay or benefits.

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    Maybe a couple more:

    2. Flat Consumption Tax @ 5% and reduce spending to 50% of collected taxes to build a surplus in case of emergency.

    3. Stop policing the world. Get out of every war we're in and regroup and come up with a real plan.

    4. Make voting easier (vote by twitter or text) and eliminate the electorate.

    5. Take corporate taxes to 0% to incent every company in the world to locate in the US.

    6. Eliminate capital gains, dividend, death penalty taxes etc. And eliminate all tax breaks. Eliminate the IRS.

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    7. What if they had a separate vote for the Prez and VP. We could mix and match. Obama and Ryan could end up together for example? Why do we vote for a ticket? Or how about the loser becomes the VP and you don't even need a VP on each ticket. You end up with Obama/Romeny if Obama wins and vice versa.

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    Actually, come to think of it, we have EXACTLY the government we deserve. We voted these people in there, and we keep returning them or people just like them, so they can pass the laws we now have.

    Why do we vote those people in? BECAUSE THEY HAVE NICE HAIR! Yes, if they "look strong" and speak confidently and promise us just what we want to hear - heck, let's DOUBLE vote them into office!!

    So, IMO, there is no rational basis for complaining about the government we have. Let's have some personal responsibility here - it's our fault!

    I think the real problem is that we are uneducated and ignorant. We've all seen how many people can't name more than 3 or 4 states, don't know if Lincoln drove a Lincoln or not, who lost WWII, etc. How can we expect ourselves to vote good lawmakers into place under those circumstances?

    So, to change government, I think we need to change how people are educated. WTF are people learning if not American history, if they don't have even the most basic understanding of civics? Or science (note to self: go to Wiki to see whether the dinosaurs were in black and white, or already in color, when our ancestors rode them)? Or math, etc.

    Bring it on ... it's what we ordered!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!



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