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Same defense thats been in the top 5 more times than not in the last 10 YEARS. So based on ONE game, I need to get a clue? NO TEAM runs the no huddle all game.

How many players are left from that decade long stretch? This defense is nowhere close to the caliber of D we had even 2 or 3 years ago. The old players are older and the players Tomlin has plugged in to try and replace the solid defenders of past years aren't getting the job done. For how many first round picks we have on that DLine and in the LB corp they aren't getting any pressure on the QB at all. Vick has been getting his butt kicked on a weekly basis. Let's see how many sacks we get this weekend.

Obviously I was exaggerating going no huddle from play one to the final play. I was simply trying to make the point that we need to run it quite a bit and not let up. The top teams that have weaker defenses put up 30 points most weeks to offset their weak defense.