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Thread: Tomlin wanted Vick in Pgh

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    I haven't read the whole thread and haven't focused on the racial bits (I come from Norwegian goatherd stock, we can scale cliffs quite well, but our social radar skills in these areas are understandably underdeveloped), but as I see it one Steeler Brother offered his apologies, the other Steeler Brother said he didn't mean to offend in any case, so it's all good - now let's go avenge that Christmas week loss to the Tittans from a few years ago - see if they dare to stomp on the Terrible Towel this time!! (Didn't they go from something like 13-3 to 3-13 the next year, and Lendale White got injured/traded, and basically the whole city came down with bed bugs?).

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    feltdizz your really a good man to apologize, not many found these days. Sorry you got the cold shoulder coming back here (BC) and obviousy I wouldn't experience anything like that. I did think this thread was going in the wrong direction so sorry for shooting back so, I was wrong also. I am going to ask my buddy what type of guy Goodell was in college. My first guess is nerd that hated when his oxfords got dusty or dirt on them.
    And with this greedy guy, I bet it was hell when he may have lost a penny from his loafers.


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