Well, you can see that the Steelers understand how to burn when CBs play way off; as we saw so far this season, Ben hits wide outs quick whenever they are giving up a huge cushion.

So, apparently, the Steeler are aware of how to burn such soft coverage. So why is it, that when on D, Pgh also plays way off WRs too many times, in my opinion. I never understood why DL has CB coverage play so far off the wide outs. Is he really that paranoid of getting toasted? If our CBs are that terrible, then f----g find new ones? You mean after 12 years, they have still FAILED to find a single decent CB who can play tight coverage? Something is FAIL here. Either they are completely incompetent at finding CB talent, or the system is gamed to be so damned scared to be beat deep that they never can play tight. I don't get it. And, no I don't buy that DL's systems is so complex that the regular guy can't grasp it. This is football, not NASA. F that excuse.