D!ck LeBeau and the Steelers Defense???

Opening Day vs the Chargers, the Raiders scored 14 pts at home.

Week #2, the Fins put up 35 points, thrashing the happless Raiders by 22.

Yesterday the Broncos crushed the Raiders by 31.

Yet, inexplicably, the Steelers had all kinds of problems stopping a team that couldn't
manage 34 points in the other 3 games they played.

Is this a sign that the Steelers Defense is truly OLD, SLOW, and Completely DONE, or
was it just a bad day??

I truly believe that if Troy and James had been playing, it would have been different.

However, that defensive preformance was the WORST that I have EVER seen!!!

The Steelers Defense $h!t the bed for 5 straight possessions, allowing the Raiders
to erase 7 and 10 pt leads, throughout the game.

I'm worried...if the Steelers couldn't stop the Raiders from scoring 34, 34 are you
kidding me, 34, than who are they going to stop???

Absolutley pathetic!!