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I think Harrison has given his all for this team and I always loved his effort. He certainly ranks high in my list of Steeler linebackers but he is nowhere near the top. I think Jack Ham was the greatest linebacker we have ever had. I think he doesn't get the acclaim because he never had the attitude of Lambert, Lloyd, Porter or Harrison.

Ham was unbelievable against the run and tremendous against the pass. He didn't get many sack totals because it wasn't often that we blitzed in that day and age. Watching the Ratbirds game the other night they put a stat up about Ray Lewis. He is second for linebackers creating turnovers. The guy in first place, but a big margin, was Jack Ham.

Ham is the Man!!!
Definitely agree Ham is the greatest LB in Steelers history and it's not close. And get doesn't get any credit like the other guys because they were feared and they were characters that defined the game in their respective eras. Too bad Ham didn't have Troy's hair or something

However, had James Harrison's career lasted as long as Ham's there wouldn't be a question that Harrison was better. He probably would have been worthy for consideration of the greatest LB of all time in the NFL if he had the tenure.

Harrison probably would have had more DPOY awards than LT if he were a little smarter, learned the defense, and got into the league when he was young.