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Thread: Steelers’ run game off to worst start in 62 years

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    Bullsheet! You and I will never see eye to eye on this, and I don't give a rats ars about that either. DeCastro was surely getting the nod over Foster because he was the #1 draft pick, but playing-wise they were neck and neck in camp. If you go back and listen to statements from those that are in the local media and at camp- oh wait- you are in Florida not Pitt, you would surely know that many were saying Foster was having a great camp and was pushing for playing time.. Hence the 1 and 1A statement I made. And those that were making statements such as these range from WTAE announcing the local pre season games to Tunch and Craig Wolfley to even PSU's old coach Tom Bradley who is on some local radio up here. This was the talk during camp.

    Totally disagree with you that he can't pass protect and he's not getting off the ball. If you are zone blocking on a running play, you aren't supposed to hold your block.. In man, he would, but not zone- damn it depends on what the play is called, formation, and blocking scheme called- and we don't know whats called just by watching the game- only the OL coach and staff would know after watching the films...
    Yep. We won't agree. You can love the nice little UDFA making good story for Foster but he is not an NFL starter on most of the teams in this league. If Foster was such an asset why did they move Colon to LG versus Foster? Couldn't they have cut Colon and saved a ton of money? The bottomline is they want Foster out of the starting lineup and into a back up role and every personnel move they have made confirms that.

    Why else are they hoping and taking the risk that DeCastro might be able to play before the end of the season versus getting him healthy on IR? Because they know they need better than Foster playing in games that matter. That has nothing to do with DeCastro being the #1 pick because the safe bet would be to put him on IR.

    I guess the proof in the pudding will be if they retain Foster at the end of the season. My bet is they don't and that is not what they do for people they want to be starters.
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