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I'd be good with that draft.

If Te'o keeps playing like this, he'll be a top 12 pick. We will need to trade up or lose a lot of games.

I like Jefferson's game. I think he is a missile for his size and very active.

I really want this draft to focus on 1. pass rush, 2. pass defense, 3. replacing mendenhall and/or wallace 4. run defense

I think Te'o could still be on the board around middle of first round--14-15-16 because of the demand for other higher priority positions, pass rushers, QB's, etc.

Jefferson I think would ultimately move to replace Troy at SS and could be used in a lot of the same ways.

Good RB's can be found in later rounds. Imo.

For me I would love for the Steelers to sign CB Sam Shields from Green Bay. You solid young corner who has excelled in Caper's 3-4.