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Thread: See the end of the Seachickens and Packers game?...

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    See the end of the Seachickens and Packers game?...

    WOW..... talk about a BULLSH*T call .....

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    And I have seahwaks fan friends here still bringing up 2005 SB and that they deserve this.

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    Was it really a bad call? Or was it a judgement call? They reviewed it, with replay officials that aren't replacements.

    So was it a bad call?

    To answer that question, officials referred to the NFL Rulebook, specifically rule 8, section 1, article 3, item 5 (there are a lot of rules in that book; it's about 10 times as long as the United States Constitution):

    If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both players retain it, the ball belongs to the passers. It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control.

    In less-Hochulian terms: You know the "tie goes to the runner" rule in baseball? Simultaneous catch is the football equivalent. If two guys come down with the ball, somebody has to be credited with a catch and it might as well be the team that already has possession. It's a rule of convenience and common sense.

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    I didn't see Tate have ANY possession of the ball. He had his hand stuck in Jennings breadbasket. Is that possession?

    so your second sentence is what happened. INT

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    The receiver looked like he had 2 hands on the ball, and he held on to it, whether it was in Jennings bread basket or not. Maybe Jennings should have done what you are taught to do and knock the ball down.

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    Not to mention they missed a blatant offensive PI

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    That happens on every hail mary and is never called.

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    yep's. never called.

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    the more I think about it I think the call was 50/50... Jennings shouldn't have tried to catch the ball.

    I also think we are so used to seeing the GB's and Pat's of the NFL get the calls...

    I'll never forget the end of the San Diego game we won 11 to 10 when Troy clearly scored on the last play...

    and what about a "football move"..."tuck rule"... "The GB TD" that clearly wasn't a TD vs the Giants last year in the regular season?

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    I have not complained about the refs since I don't think the regular ones deserve all that they are begging to get. But this is kinda ugly.

    Tate had one of the worst 2 arm extending push offs EVER. Then wrapped his arms around the DB that clearly intercepted the ball and they rewarded Tate with the TD. Tate was behind the DB who was clutching the ball to his chest. The DB was also the first one to grab the ball in air bringing it to himself.
    There was no judgment on this. It was obvious. Not sure what the refs saw. There was no tie on the catch.


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