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Thread: Redundant Thoughts 2012 Week 3 @ Raiders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Great as usual, however, I'm Emma Watson
    I'd never sully the great Emma Watson with a loss. She wouldn't stand for it. Ruthlessburger gets it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lloydroid View Post
    The vid of the kid in the beach chair getting whacked by a wave made me LOL. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh so you don't cry. Just wait until two more O linemen go down for the season, which you know is around the corner. I am to the point that I'd rather Troy just retire already. We need to figure out life post Troy; seeing him mope around the sidelines in a T shirt is just depressing. We had a good run: 2 Super bowls wins and another appearance. That's not bad. If Mendenhall doesn't fumble we would have won that last SB too. I have to admit, I don't mind seeing GB sucking right now. F them.
    I'd be surprised if this sentiment isn't fairly consistent in Steeler Nation right now. You should not feel alone. If you, as a Steeler, are in street clothes I take zero comfort in your presence on the sidelines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Ya gotta win to earn the Emma Watson treatment.
    Hear! Hear! Emma doesn't take any guff.

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    You can get anything you want right here on this site. Another redundant masterpiece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    True. Emma is a top notch girl. You don't get that playing like we did on Sunday. We probably deserve more like Rosanne Barr after Sunday.

    Nobody, no matter how cruel, despicable and vile ... ever deserves Rosanne Barr ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by redundantman View Post

    This is the part I really like, when she does that $#!% with her hair.

    Quote Originally Posted by redundantman View Post
    That's what I'm talking about. Would you rather see Rita Hayworth in her prime or yet another thread endlessly rehashing the same topics? Loses suck ... gifs help us to heal.
    Can you get her?

    Take a few weeks.


    Well yeah, Andy. I don't have her stuffed down the front of my pants right now, I'm sorry to say, but I'll get her. Relax!

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    This weeks post was very centric. I approve and give this thread 4 out of 4 check marks! And seriously - where is the gif with the chick from Community doing the "shake weights" all over her face from?

    And Ruthless - I'm also going to need a rock hammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    You can get anything you want right here on this site. Another redundant masterpiece.
    Levity is important for mental health.

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    [QUOTE=Ghost;525680]This weeks post
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    Ruthless you just earned some additional respect in my book with a quote from the greatest movie ever made. Shawshank is the real deal.


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