Before you tell me to go route for them and quit being a Steeler fan (no idea why people think that is appropriate), let me explain. I don't want to switch places as a franchise; I don't like their uniforms better, etc. But I envy them for the following.

1.) A stadium designed the right way. 3 Rivers stadium was superior to HF in that it was much louder. The open side of HF let's all that noise escape. 3 Rivers was a much more difficult for visiting teams to play, and Seattle's stadium is done right, with the crowd virtually on top of the field. The majority of the crowd is close to the field, allowing it to be the loudest outdoor stadium in the NFL. And that sure helps. Seattle sacked Rogers 8 times in ONE HALF. And the crowd was part of that outcome, as players can't hear the snap count and are a tick slow to react when the ball is snapped.

2.) Seahawks young, hard-hitting secondary. Dear word, do they have a bunch of good DBs. Why does it seem we are always trying to find good CBs, but other than Ike (who is bordering on average these days) we can't seem to find good CBs. Seattle has a boat load. And they all hit.

3.) They get pressure from just their front four. What a luxury. If you get to the QB with just rushing 4, man does that make playing defense easier. It's frustrating seeing Pgh not being able to get any pressure on QBs even with blitzing. What is wrong with them?

4.) They are a young team with talent. Being just young, but crappy isn't anything to holler about, but they are young and talented. It's kind of depressing when your best players are constantly getting hurt because they are getting old. And the players that are behind them don't seem to be anything special.

5.) They have a real enthusiasm with the players. Yea, I could be overreacting from our upset loss, but Pgh just seems like they are more bummed out than enthused. We have the images of Troy on the sidelines wearing a T shirt, a frustrated DL not getting it done, CBs who can't play, OL that is failing. The team just doesn't feel like it has enthusiasm. I don't see it.

No, I don't want to trade franchises. No I don't want to trade our 6 rings for their current team. But I do envy some aspects about that team right now. Kind of reminds me of the early Cowher years, where Pgh took the league by storm after a losing season before hand. I remember his first game, beating the favored Houston Oilers - that was a young, enthusiastic bunch. Old guys wearing down just isn't fun.