Throughout DL coaching career he would take his foot off the gas when the Steelers had the lead. In todays NFL, no lead is unsurmountable but DL still believes this is the old NFL. Struggles in the running game & the pass rush being off at the start of the season only makes it worst. I am now confident knowing DL is still here to go out on top. I am also confident that his lack of acknowledgment in the evolution of the passing game is contributing to the defensive struggles. Coaching surfaces in the 2nd half of ball games. Predictability plays a huge part of the demise of a team on top going into the 2nd half. The late DL defenses can easily be summed up like this. DL's gameplan going into a game "MAKES" a QB beat his defense. In the 2nd half, DL "ALLOWS" a QB to beat his defense. Can't call a game in the 2nd half to sit on a lead...You have to call it from behind.