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Thread: The Steelers will not pay Wallace but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCrazy View Post
    We have bigger problems then Wallaces contract haggling. We need a make over on D and a consistant, reliable run game. Im sick, really sick about it
    Yes to this!!!

    Wallace was offered a very fair contract. he obviously wants more but as we have seen we have many issues to fix not just paying him.

    Watching the Raiders game made me feel worse than just about any recent loss we have had and the Denver play-off game was pretty bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    Funny stuff here, FS. I have a vision of Casey as a wideout ... he's got the wide part covered, but ...
    Casey is so big, the announcer would say......"Pass attempt to Casey Hampton incomplete.....He was covered on the play by Casey Hampton."

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    Without Ben making plays outside the pocket, how valuable is he?
    If he goes somewhere with cash...say Cleveland...what would he accomplish?
    I'm not saying he isn't talented. And he is worth cash, but we have alot of players worth cash. The ones believing they will break the Steelers bank will be gone. He will NOT get good money from a good team. And he does not play a position that can drag up a mediocre team, so he'll be out of the playoffs or a first round loser the rest of his career. And his last contract will be less since he will be exposed as just a good player and not a franchise type player.
    He's better off getting 2 really good deals from the Steelers to end his career, but it is unlikely that he will figure this out.


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