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I'm already a soccer fan and will watch a good soccer match instead of a football game except Steeler games. The Steeler games are the only ones I have any interest in watching. I'm traveling and staying in a hotel in Birmingham and only watched the last 5 or 6 minutes of last night's game, it was a good game and I was a captive audience, not much to do in Birmingham. I've already made the decision on the NFL and football in general. My kids, while Steeler fans, only want to watch games if I watch with them. It may take time, but over time (probably after I'm no longer extant) the NFL will suffer for the decisions being made today, IMHO.

Pretty much the same for me but I've become a huge soccer fan because my daughters have played i for the past 15 years and I have a daughter playing in college now. Once you understand soccer it is actually very interesting. Many of the same principles as hockey and I love hockey.

I still watch mny NFL games but always the Steelers. I really don't mind the offense. To me that is more enjoyable than watching punters and kickers take center stage.