That Ben was not a cerebral, accurate, consistent and polished QB and that his entire "game" was/is predicated upon plays breaking down. Even coined the term "backyard Ben" before Joey said it publicly.

That Tomlin,...though being a Charismatic leader of men,... has limited acumen in terms of evaluating talent that can and or will succeed at an optimum or better level within the league. (ESPECIALLY on the defensive side of the ball)

But none of that matters at this point, we are all (whether we agree or not) nearly at the "watch it all burn and rebuild for years" period. But, know what, be it. I have been loyal to this franchise since my childhood,...and that will never change.

Bottom line to me is,.,...ANY unit, organization, team, government, group, and or people wins, loses, lives and dies together. (No matter how responsible for success or failure of the whole each individual aspect of said whole is)