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Thread: Timmons still sucks in run defense

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    Timmons still sucks in run defense

    It's obvious. Watch the games.

    You could say that Foote had a bad game. You could say the defense had a bad game. Obviously, both are correct.

    But time and time again... I watched Foote penetrate and a lot of times, miss a tackle in the backfield on the right side of the defense. It's bad enough he missed the tackle. It's WORSE....MUCH WORSE, that Timmons plays right ILB and he wasn't anywhere to be found.

    He either over commits, takes wrong angles or simply can't fight off blocks. I'm tired of waiting for this guy to reach his "potential". He never has and he never will! He has no business being a 3-4 ILB and he's even worse as a 3-4 OLB. He should be on a 4-3 team.

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    I agree 100% and have said so for 4 years.

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    by Mark Kaboly

    You want somebody to blame for #Steelers loss? Blame this guy

    You can blame a whole host of players who contributed to the Steelers loss to the Raiders, but you would be well within your rights to single out linebacker Lawrence Timmons as the main reason.

    Timmons was signed to a six-year, $50 million extension last year with the thoughts of him being a play-making linebacker.

    He’s been nothing of the sort yet. In fact, he’s been flat-out bad.

    Timmons made two critical errors against the Raiders that just cannot happen.

    The first was not filling the gap on Darren McFadden’s first-quarter touchdown run, and the more critical one was allowing Brandon Myers to convert a first down on a third-and-10 with 1:31 left in the game that led to the game-winning Sebastian Janikowski field goal.

    Sure, it was great throw by Carson Palmer, but it is a play that Timmons is paid to make, and he didn’t.

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    One thing I have noticed is that he may be a solid. decent player but the dude never makes splash plays!!! Sacks, Int's and FF's.

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    I'm woefully disappointed in Timmons as well.

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    he has been awful.

    terrible instincts, not strong enough, and plays on roller skates.

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    He is definitely making too much money for the value he currently brings to the table.

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    Said as much in other posts. he is seen too often in pursuit rather than leading the tackle.

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    Mundy was to blame for the McFadden run even moreso than Timmons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Mundy was to blame for the McFadden run even moreso than Timmons...
    Sadly, Mundy isn't even a poor man's Polamalu.


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