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Thread: Ben was Huge for 3 Quarters

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    Why would I address ONE GAME? I chronicled NINE YEARS of games. You're impressed by a breakdown of ONE game vs OVER 100?? LOL
    You didn't break down a single just provided links to box scores...

    That isn't to say that one can't learn anything from stats, but Eni actually looked at the game tape and broke it down...

    Of course I respect that more than simply providing links...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    You didn't break down a single just provided links to box scores...

    That isn't to say that one can't learn anything from stats, but Eni actually looked at the game tape and broke it down...

    Of course I respect that more than simply providing links...
    Then you DIDNT read my posts. I BROKE DOWN games from 04-09. Gave links for the last TWO years. Youre wrong again. Its OBVIOUS I looked at the GAMES.

    Eni ADMITTED he hadnt seen the game, so he broke down HIGHLIGHTS. I sir, watched the games as you can tell by my comments after those games. YOU had to tell him what game I was talking about (Remember he stated "I cant find a thurs night game vs the Browns on NFL Network). You told him it was in 09. Now DID HE WATCH THE TAPE? As I said WHY cant you address those anemic stats for NINE YEARS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    Classic 43ism right there
    43 stated on the 'other' board he has never visited this site.

    same old chit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    He breaks down one game but I have broken down BENS WHOLE career up to 09. You can do the same for 2010 and 11 and you will see the same thing. He doesnt play well vs a good D. You blame the line? Well when Wiz and Grimm were here he was sacked FORTY SIX times! Was the LINE terrible then? Again, the problem is Ben. I also added the fact that Dixon passed 26 times vs the Ravens (Not sacked once). Ben plays the second game and is sacked 4 times.
    Skins game in 08 SAME LINE. Ben is sacked, picked beat up etc. Leftwich comes in and the line MIRACULOUSLY blocks beter. (Leftwich stays in the pocket). What happened to the bad line????

    Browns game in 08 SAME THING happened. Ben is carried off on a gurney and Leftwich comes in and its a whole new line.

    Eagles game the same thing. Oh by the way. Batch started for a resting Roethlisberger and passed I believe (Off the top of the head) 31 times and wasnt sacked ONCE (07).
    When Ben missed 4 games in 10, where was the sack problem? If didnt exist.

    Ben Roethlisberger vs Top Defenses up to 09



    Ravens #2 in Total Defense - Ben was 17-33 259 1 TD 1 int ELITE? HARDLY LOL Take away the 45 yard YAC by Wallace Ben is BELOW average vs. A GOOD D. Ben produced 2 TD's

    Packers #3- Ben did well vs. this Defense. 3rd overall BUT only TWELTH vs. the pass. Not to mention that TWO Dbs were injured for the Steelers game. Ben took advantage of a injured secondary However, Ben played up to his abilities in this game. No problem with giving him credit on this day. Again- Exception to the rule

    Vikings #4- 14-26 175 1 Td. ELITE? HARDLY. Again, Wallace Bails him out again with a fair catch TD of a punt. I mean pass by Ben. A pass Wallace had to stop, wave his hand and then catch. Ben produced 1 TD and 2fgs. THIRTEEN POINTS. Defense won this game.

    #5 Bengals (2) Game 1- 22-31- 276 1 TD 1int. ELITE? Again, Wallace catches a long pass that should have been SIX but the LETHARGIC one led him out of bounds with the poor pass. Ben also overthrew a wide open Hines for six as well as Tone for six. Yes Limas dropped a Td that was like George Washingtons face- On The Money. But WHY does that failed TD get more recognition than the THREE that Ben failed on? Ben produced TWO TD's.

    #5 Bengals Game 2. 20-40- 171 1 INT ELITE? He was sacked four times and his passer rating of 51.5 was his lowest since a 38.6 in a loss to the Giants (ANOTHER GOOD D) Ben produced NO TD's.

    #7 Broncos- 21-29- 233 3TD's 1 int. These stats were aided by a strong performance from our Defense. Tyrone took one to the house. The Defense also got 2 more picks to put us in position to score and Ben took advantage of the good field position and got tds. This is how you utilize a strong D. You reward them by executing well and putting the dagger into the oppposition by scoring TD's. Notice how the game wasn't close? That's how MOST of our games should be, considering the strength of our D.

    Now contrast These stats to the TEN games vs. poor defenses. NOW do you see where Ben did his damage at? Excluding the Packer game of course. He played EXCELLENT that game!



    #2 Ravens (2)- Game 1 Ben was 14-24-191 1 TD 1 INT Sacked 3 Times. Benefited from ANOTHER TD from the defense (Woodley). Benefited from Tone taking a short pass and making it a big play/yac. Hines Also had a 49 yard catch and run, that bolstered Bens pedestrian stats. Having said that, they were still pedestrian despite that. ONE TD Produced by your ELITE qb. LOL

    Game 2 vs. Ravens 22-40-246 1TD Sacked 3 Times. ELITE? Hardly. The defense held the Ravens to NINE points and all we could muster was 13. Last second pass to Tone for the TD was clutch but long overdue. The Ravens shouldn't have even been in this game. Ben also lost a fumble this game. ONE TD. ELITE?? LOL

    #3 Eagles- Ben was 13-25-131 1 INT 2 lost fumbles and EIGHT SACKS LOL. Ben produced TWO fgs and gave them 2 more points with a BONEHEADED safety in the end zone. Slow to process the info (Did the same thing vs. the Browns in 09 by the goaline. Took a terrible sack). Leftwich had almost half Bens yardage in ONE drive. He burnt the blitz over and over. Made Jim Johnson stop blitzing. If Nate catches the TD Leftwich throws him that game would have been winnable. Despite the LETHARGIC ONE.

    #4 Skins- Ben got hurt late 2nd qtr. So he only played one half. He benefited from a blocked punt. He still played poorly. He was 5- 17- 50 yards and 1 INT and was sacked 5 times.. Leftwich comes in and he goes 7-10-129 and 1 TD not sacked once. Not saying Byron is better. He can just read a defense, faster.

    #5 Giants- 13-29-199 1 TD FOUR INTS and 1 lost fumble. Also sacked FIVE times. Ben played like crap in this game and we STILL should have won. We were leading until the Harrison safety. An example of how our STRONG Defense aids Ben.

    #7 Titans- 25-39-329 2 TD's 2INT's 5 SACKS, 2 lost Fumbles (one on the Titans ONE). Again, our defense put us in position to win this game but Bene made it impossible to do so. The Griffin pick six was the nail in the coffin. UGH

    #8 Cowboys- Ben 17-33-204 1TD, 5 sacks and 1 lost fumble. Ben could only produce two fgs. It was the DEFENSE on the int by Ike that set up Heaths td from ben. Townsends pick 6 won the game. Ben again putrid vs. a good defense.

    #10 Pats 17-33-179 2TDS 1 INT 1 lost fumble. With no Brady the Pats were no match for our team. We controlled the ball and ran all over them. Kinda like the 04 game with Plax (reg season).Mewelde and Willie were the reasons for this win. Ben, AGAIN, played mediocre vs. a good D. SEE A PATTERN?

    #11 Colts- Ben was 29-41-3INTS and 2 sacks. Worth noting My little Chimp-Peyton was 21-40-240 and 3 TD's. VS THE #1 DEFENSE

    Vs #2 Ravens AFCCG 16-33-255-1TD, 1 fumble lost and 4 sacks. We won this game based on the int by Polamalu and the great YAC by Tone.



    #4 Pats- 19-32-187- 1 TD, 3 sacks and 1 fumble lost (Brady was 32-46-399- 4TD's VS THE # 1 D-That's elite LOL)

    #6 Ravens (2) Game 1 Ben- 13-16-209 5 TD's. Monday Night game in those UGLY throwbacks. It was an epic game by Ben. Again, there is always an exception to every rule.

    Ravens Game 2- Ben sat out-resting for playoffs.

    #12 Jags- 15-32-142- 3 TD's and 5 sacks. A classic case of too little too late as Ben only generates SEVEN points through 3 qtrs. Plays up to his potential in the 4th. Too late.

    #12 Jags in playoffs-Ben does the same thing he did in the Regular season vs. this D. Plays horrible early and comes on strong late to make the HOMERS forget about the pick 6 he threw to Mathis. Stats Ben- 29-42-337 2 TD's, 3 INT's AND SIX sacks. I remember after this game the Steeler Nation attacked Tomlin for going for two points after the holding call. That call didn't lose the game. Ben's horrible 1st half did. You can NEVER get points back. But as usual, Ben can do no wrong. LOL

    You NOW know why Ben had such a good statistical season in 07. NO GOOD DEFENSES ON THE SCHEDULE. Contrast that with 08. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?
    This is what I posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post


    #1 Ravens Game 1 Ben 21-41-214 and 2 INT's, NINE SACKS and one fumble lost for a TD. A. Thomas. The Ravens shut us out. The LETHARGIC one AGAIN, struggles against a top D.

    #1 Ravens Game 2 Ben 15-31-156 1TD and 2INT's, 5 SACKS. So in TWO games vs. the #1 D he had ONE TD and FOUR INTS. I KNOW I KNOW he was hurt. LOL

    #2 Jags-17-32-141 0 TD's and 2 INT'S. 2 Sack. Ben continued his trend of hitting his favorite receiver (Rashean Mathis) who picked him twice- AGAIN. LETHARGIC Ben produced ZERO points in this game. I know I know "HE WAS HURT HE WAS HURT"

    #3 Raiders Ben was 25-37-301 1TD and FOUR ints. And 5 sacks. Including TWO pick six's. Didn't I say Ben has HABITUALLY sucked in the redzone his WHOLE career? FACT. I know I know. HE WAS ALMOST KILLED IN JUNE.. Worth Noting- the opposing qb (Walter) was 5-14-51 yards and one int. AND HE WON. . Elite Ben managed THIRTEEN points.

    #7 Carolina Ben was 10-17-125 1 TD and 3 sacks.

    #10 Chargers 20-31-220 2 INTS and 5 Sacks. You guys this is too easy. You CANT use the excuse that "he was hurt". or it was Arians, or the line. I am proving that Ben is what I say he is. A good qb that plays with a strong defense. He puts up ok numbers vs. Good defenses or he sucks royally vs. them. This with Arians, Whiz, Good Line, Average Line, "Bad Line".



    #2 Bears 13-20-173 1TD zero sacks.

    #5 Ravens Game 1 18-30-177 2TD's, 1 INT.2 sacks. I'm waiting for this guy to LIGHT UP AN ELITE D. YAWN

    #5 Ravens Game 2 (Didn't play)

    #11 Colts 17-26-133 1 TD 2INTS, 3 sacks.

    #11 Colts playoffs 14-24-197 2TD's, 1 INT,2 sacks. Ben started off fast. I was loving this game. Then in the 2nd half the LETHARGIC one surfaced. Managed 7 WHOLE points the 2nd half. ENTER EXCUSES (Cowher, Whiz) LOL



    #3 Skins Super Ben was 9-20-131 NO TD's O INTS. 4 Sacks

    #6 Ravens. The 1st Raven game was when Ben got his chance after Maddox got hurt. These stats are from game 2 vs. the Ravens. 14-19-221 2 TD's 1 INT. O Sacks

    #7 Jets- 9-19-144 0 TD's 2INT's.

    #9 Pats (reg season) 18-24-196 2 TD's 0 sacks. I remember this game! Nice Long ball to Plax. Ben played well. Int by Townsend- to the house. We controlled the ball for most of the game. If I recall right it was like 40 minutes.

    #9 Pats (AFCCG) 14-24-226 2 TD's 3 INT's 1 Sack. Ben was a rookie and he played like it. UGH. Call it cheating, call it whatever but Ben sucked in this game like MOST vs. elite defenses.

    There you have it Ben Roethlisberger makes a living feasting off of bad defenses. Put him up against an elite one and he is not so elite as I have ALWAYS said. He wins BECAUSE OF HIS DEFENSE and because he is on the Steelers. Do explain all of this HARCORE proof as to his pedestrian or pathetic stats vs. a good defense. I didn't just list random numbers, I listed teams and years so you could CALL MY BLUFF. I dont just take ONE SEASON (BENS STATISTICAL BEST) or ONE GAME. I take his whole career and BURY YOU WITH THE TRUTH.
    This was the continuation of 1st post

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    Dan Marino just said "Playing well against the best teams is part of being an outstanding quarterback" He was talking about Sanchez after Sterling said that Sanchez has looked bab because he has played against three GREAT defenses.

    This is ALL I have been Saying about Ben. How can you be called ELITE when you dont play elite CONSISTENTLY vs the good defenses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    This is what I posted
    Yup. Linking to stats...breaking down nada...

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    Ben led then down for the win.. what now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROLROC View Post
    43 stated on the 'other' board he has never visited this site.

    same old chit.
    that's BS, 43 used to come to this board just to argue with Crash...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    ALMOST 3 sacks? So you disregard the 31 times he passed vs the ravens in 07 and ZERO sacks huh? Verry fitting. You have proven that the sack problem exists for ONE reason. BEN ROTHLISBERGER. Its funny NO ONE addressed Bens stats vs an elite Defense his WHOLE career. NOW you know why he doesnt play well in Super Bowls. Its usually vs a good defense.

    3 sacks a game sorry.

    thought you could have figured that out


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