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Thread: Ben was Huge for 3 Quarters

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikestops85 View Post
    You might think Flacco is improving at a faster pace but in reality it's just that he was so far behind Ben from the start.
    That means what? He is supposed to be behind Ben, he is younger. But if you dont see it you are in denial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    This thread amuses me. Here we are 11 pages in. SMH

    The fact is that Ben Roethlisberger is the very best QB the Pittsburgh Steelers have EVER had. EVER. Are there things about his game that some might want to change? Sure. That doesn't take away from the fact that for better or worse, he is the best player at his position in the history of this storied franchise.
    You're nuts. Terry Bradshaw is. He was HUGE in Big games. He habitually beat the Cowboys, Raiders and whoever. He was a LEAGUE MVP AND two time SB MVP. He as GREAT in the SB whereas Ben sux. Ben also plays mediocre vs elite Defenses. But you have your opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    And yet, you answer none of my points...

    Perhaps you should follow the advice of your own screen name and stop playing...

    Because in all of the drivel you posted above, you could not deny the hypocrisy you accuse others of having...
    Translation: I cant refute your most excellent post so I will namecall

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    Fourth Q stats? Okay, how is this.........

    Ben has 20 career 4th Q comebacks - tied for 18th all-time

    Palmer has 12 and is tied for 73rd
    4th quarter comebacks mean squat when you have an elite team. WHY ARE YOU LOSING LATE? Because you underachieved the whole game. Comebacks are great IF you are on a bad team. Would you give Jordan props for having to COMEBACK? No, because he has the best team and shouldnt NEED to comeback. Same with Lebron and any other frontrunner. You dont give frontrunners (elite teams) props for COMING BACK so often. Thats called UNDERACHIEVING. look at all the other qbs on the list. PLAYED ON BAD TEAMS. If you are on a bad team, then a comeback stat is relevant. If you are on a good team then your quarterback is underachieving. In this case your post proves my point. Thx bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    Translation: I cant refute your most excellent post so I will namecall
    Namecall? That's what you're going with?

    What name did I call you? When?

    Please, enlighten me with another "most excellent post"...

    It's just a way for you to deflect attention from the fact that you were decisively proven wrong...

    You want me to call you a name?


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    Quote Originally Posted by eniparadoxgma View Post
    Really don't know why you guys bother. It should be obvious that a poster like the one above will take whatever facts you give him and ignore them if they don't fit their personal agenda, then try to find another stat to misinterpret. These people are not interested in rational discourse. They are interested in their own agenda and ignore all else to that end.

    For example, even though he himself asked for 4th quarter stats and were given these: he will find a way to fixate on something else and downplay those statistics. "I was talking about <insert some other stat involving the 4th quarter>". It's called moving the goalposts and no matter how many times these types of people are proven wrong they will just ignore the facts and move on to a different imagined stat that is all of a sudden so much more important than the last.

    This is really just a waste of bandwidth IMO. (And so is my bitching about it, but hey, I feel better)
    Sorry, Agendas cant be supported without Facts. I supply those. Its funny that the NFL players agree with me. Dont you find that noteworthy? Nope because it doesnt fit your agenda lol

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    When our Defense doesnt play well, we cannot rely on Ben Roethlisberger to put this team on his back and be successful (See 09). That means he is NOT the primary reason that we are elite. Thats what separates him From the Mannings, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers and Matt Ryan.

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    Thats my only point. Ben is GOOD just not elite. I have never said the guy sucked. I just said he is not elite (yet). Could that change? LETS HOPE SO

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    Quote Originally Posted by stopplayn View Post
    When our Defense doesnt play well, we cannot rely on Ben Roethlisberger to put this team on his back and be successful (See 09).
    SB XLIII? Have you forgotten?

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